Girls Competitive Team

Fun is still important at this level, but athletes are carefully guided towards the competitive levels.  Gymnasts with the right skills, who show interest in competing, and are willing to commit to organized yearly training are invited to move into our advance classes.  Gymnasts who meet certain standards of excellence are selected for our competitive team.  The gymnasts learn to apply their mind and body to the fullest extent.  Individualism and dedication are stressed at this level and the dedicated gymnast will go as far as their abilities will take them.  Our competitive team program provides an opportunity for international gymnasts to represent the United States around the world.  Many of our gymnasts have received scholarships to universities all over the country.

Whether you are new to the sport or new to Excalibur, the following information may give you a place to start… and if you have more questions or would like to try a class at Excalibur, contact the gym for more information.

  •  Competitive team is a year round commitment and training at any team level includes multiple days per week.

  • The number of hours a competitive gymnast trains increases as their level increases.

  • Excalibur competes at levels xcel-elite.  If you are new to gymnastics and would like more information on how the competitive levels are designated and what skills are required at each level, you may go to USA Gymnastics for a detailed description.

  • Please be advised that when placed on a team at Excalibur, the coaches choose the best fit level for your daughter, regardless of what level they trained at prior gyms.

  • Levels 4-6 compete compulsory routines, 7- elite compete optional routines.

  • There is an optional parent booster association, AGPI, to support and raise funds for the boys and girls competitive gymnastics team at Excalibur.  If interested in AGPI please call the front office for more information or reference the AGPI bulletin board in the gym lobby. We also have another optional parent booster association, The Olympic Dream Fund, to support and raise funds for boys and girls team gymnasts that are TOPS, Hopes, or Elites. If interested in ODF please call the front office for more information or reference the ODF bulletin board in the gym lobby.

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