Olympic Week

Excalibur Gymnastics Olympic Week
Curriculum Reward System


We are excited to announce the Excalibur Gymnastics Olympic Week, which is a curriculum reward system for our students. We will be utilizing “My Skill Chart” to electronically track all of the students in our program, which allows you to check on your child’s progress electronically with each successive Olympic Week that we have. The poster will provide students with rewards and incentive for learning new skills, and this along with the My Skill Chart program provides you with a simple way to monitor your child’s progress at Excalibur.

All children will receive a poster to take home and put on their wall.  The poster contains skills that are appropriate for the child’s ability level, and matches their current curriculum level at Excalibur Gymnastics.

The skills at each level have been broken down into achievable steps, so that children learn quickly and experience success often. We test every even month for a total of 6 testing times per year. Please note that not all skills are tested at each testing! When a student performs a skill correctly 3 times in a row for their instructor, they get that skill checked off on their curriculum card. At the end of class all students tested will be given stars for the skills they passed to take home and put on their poster!

Once a student has passed all the skills on their poster, they are awarded a certificate, and will be eligible to move up to the next level within our program. Then they’ll get a new poster for the next level, and they are ready for more stars!

Olympic Week is very popular with kids and parents at Excalibur Gymnastics. The kids love getting the stars and certificates, and parents see how the program not only teaches gymnastics, but increases self-confidence, self-esteem and gives their children valuable goal setting skills.

By providing clear goals for each student, this non-competitive teaching system helps students to define success as self-improvement! Without having to compare themselves to others in their class to assess how they are doing, the students can all feel like winners!

The posters will be given to all enrolled and current students for FREE.  If, however, the poster should get lost or damaged, there will be a $1.00 replacement charge.

We hope these posters will help you feel involved in your child’s gymnastics education, and share in the excitement and progress your child will experience.

Please make sure that your child is in class this week for testing.

Information on the My Skill Chart program and how to access your child’s information has been sent in a separate email to all families. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at the Front Office.



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